Beyond the Sense of Sight

As I hold my cup of hot coffee and stand in the morning sunlight, a cold breeze chills my hands. The sounds that reach my ears are the music of my world.  Nine AM Sunday morning and the melodic sound of church bells entwine their melody with the harmony of my wind chimes. 

In the distance a flock of starlings layer their notes to the song. A gust of wind forces the rising smoke from the chimney of our wood stove downward and it swirls around me coating my wool coat with the scent of burning oak and walnut. Photographs capture only one fifth of the that which surrounds us.

I’m sure one day we will be able to share all we experience. But for now we share what we can. Enjoy!

Thank you for sharing your time with me!


11 thoughts on “Beyond the Sense of Sight

  1. Oh it is so dreamy and relaxing! Many years ago when I was studying at the art collage we were disusing photography with my roommate. She was complaining that there was always so much more left outside the frame of the picture than inside . . . Hellebore look gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful photos again! I was thinking the same yesterday as I worked outside with the smell of fresh earth and the sound of buzzards crying overhead… there are some things the lens cannot capture!

  3. I love that first image, and the last one. What is that flower?
    All I can hear right now is the sound of water, it is still dark outside and it has been raining for over a day. It is a lovely sound and I like hearing it. After 11 years of drought, I will always enjoy the sound of rain now.

    1. It is the center of a Lenten Rose or Hellebore. If you go to my homepage and click on the Potting Shed it drops down and you can click on Helleborus to see full images of the Lenten Roses in my garden! I love the image you just painted in words of the rain!

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