Why Do We Choose?

One cold February night in 2011 my eldest daughter came to me and said, “it’s time”.  The snow and ice of winter have kept you confined to this house and  you are going stir crazy and taking the rest of us with you.

Please take my advice and start your blog.  In seconds she had set up the account and all that was left was for me to choose a title. The pressure came over me in waves and my internal temperature began to rise. I ponder everything for days. How does one choose a name that will both identify and connect you to the rest of world? And if we are to believe in the web, a name that will outlive our lives.


Not particularly liking my name in a title and discovering all the good garden names were taken, I turned to my daughters for help.  Fortunately I was on the phone with my younger daughter, Becca and she,  Bethany and I began brain-storming. We talked about gardens and we talked about flowers.

It was decided. I would call my blog The Iris and the Lily.

Bethany, the Iris and Becca, the Lily (Lily of the Valley) are strong, vibrant young women who think outside the box.  Now each time I log-in I know hidden within the title are my daughter’s encouraging spirits! Dreams are meant to be followed, and life is meant to be lived!

Thank you for stopping. Hope you like the iris that grace the gardens at Valley View.  Now I only need to add a swath of Lily of the Valley.  Soon Becca, soon!


36 thoughts on “Why Do We Choose?

  1. As always, really beautiful pictures. The droplets enhance the images.

    Why blog? I think self publishing does make a difference to our own journey in life. We become more conscious and self conscious because having made a commitment to share something of ourselves, we had better offer something of value. My experience of painting has changed just by knowing that a few people will actually see my work. It doesn’t make it great art but the act of display makes it art. How has it changed you, Michelle?

    Hats off to WordPress. Their format makes it easy to build networks here.

    1. The question I ask almost daily is why blog? Not to be too mystical, but a few days ago while I was walking the labyrinth I asked just that question. At first I thought I wanted notariety. Haha! Really, at 54 I was seeking the same thing I sought at 20something and I know it is not notariety, it is community. I want to offer something positive and uplift those whose lives touch mine. My astrology profile designates me as an earth mother. I would either have many children, not, or be a mother figure to many. I was a preschool teacher for 14 years and the last 12 I’ve walked the walk with abuse victims who are healing and moving on. So I guess in the blogging world I am destined to do the same. Be there for those who need!

  2. Congratulations with one year of blogging! I was never asking myself why I blog before. I felt lonely I guess – I needed somebody to listen to me, some new people that share the same views.

  3. That’s so touching…so your blog name is named after your daughters. That’s wonderful. Thanks for inspiring many of us here in WordPress through your pictures and posts. Congrats on your first year in blogging. I’ll be watching out for more. Good luck! 😀

  4. Well-done…and congrats on your first year! You have a beautiful blog…incredibly so. I’m glad your daughter pressed you into getting started. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Thank you for ‘liking’ my ‘Bark pattern’ and, as a reseult, for introducing me to your fascinating site. The beauty you capture in your flower photos will, I am sure, encourage others to look carefully at the flowers around them and perhaps share your enthusiasm.

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