Mesa Verde – Walking in Their Footsteps

After spending the night on the  high plateau we woke to freezing temperatures and the anticipation of walking in the footsteps of those who walked the high desert before us. We had seen in pictures their carefully constructed buildings hugging tight to the cliffs of Mesa Verde. But nothing prepared the soul for what it is about to experience.

Walking down the carefully constructed path I stopped occasionally to photograph the flora and fauna which coexists with the ghosts of the plateau.

Then suddenly as we breached the rise before us,  the structures of the dwelling came into view.

The only sounds I heard other than the wind were the gasps and awes of fellow sojourners.

Walking through rooms and peering down into kivas I could imagine mothers feeding their children while grandmothers pounded corn into grain.

Ceilings were coated with creosote and replicated ladders connected the various levels of the cliff dwelling. 

All to soon we were told it was time to depart.  

Walking away I tried to lingered for one last look.

I wanted to believe I had burned this moment into both my memory and my soul. As I write this I believe I have accomplished both. The feelings which swell up within me as I relate this moment in time still take  me to a place of serenity and grace.

Thank you for taking this moment in time to stop and share the beauty which is our world!


24 thoughts on “Mesa Verde – Walking in Their Footsteps

  1. Very nice.

    I like the Tent Caterpillars, and the lizard most. Very nicely composed photos.

    We visited Mesa Verde in 2006, but did not see any wildlife. It was also very hot (July). Curiously, it’s one of the posts I am working on, although my pictures and narrative are very different from yours.

  2. Beautiful! But the picture of the caterpillars gave me the shiver. That place is surely worth visiting, I can only imagine from here what the smell of the air in there is like, how the weather feels like and how does it feel to touch those great boulders of stones embedded with history. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  3. Wow . I opened this blog this morn and it fed my soul. I especially like the photo of the toad, lizard? There are so many species of animals , plants, and types of minerals, stones, I could go on and on. It fills me with wonder!

  4. I’ve always had a fascination with homes built into mountains, such a way to really connect with nature rather than stomp all over the ground with planks of wood and cement 🙂

  5. WOW. How utterly breathtaking! What in incredible and special place and such fantastic photos you got! That first one with the white flower – amazing.

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