From Garden to Table to Blog

Two years ago I made a commitment that all vegetables grown in my small kitchen garden would be used.

I did not over-plant nor did I grow vegetables my family does not like.

I had often found myself drawn to seed packets with wild colors and shapes or plant tabs showing contorted vegetables that would add the bam! to the table.

I almost made it last year. Pea pods and spinach gave way to cucumbers and peppers.

My only downfall were the eggplants. I purchased five plants with fruits ranging in color from white to purple to orange and in all shapes and sizes. I only used one traditional eggplant as all other fruit died on the plant.

An unexpected harvest came in the form of a plethora of photographs celebrating the beauty of the vegetable garden. This is the harvest I share today!

Thank you for stopping by. Once again I must thank all who stop and all who comment. You continue to nourish my creative addiction!


20 thoughts on “From Garden to Table to Blog

  1. We gave up trying to grow our own vegetables here in Colorado. The growing season is too short, and for the amount of effort the “bounty” was rather meager. The only thing we still grow and use is lettuce.

    Flowers, on the other hand, do rather well.

  2. You know, in spite of the seemingly-huge number of tomatoes I planted last year, very few wound up in the compost pile…learning to can sauces and jams has made a world of difference in what and how much I plant…
    This year’s garden is in the planning stage, and I’m working out how to expand – in reasonable ways, of course! Every grandchild should have a pumkin patch at Grandmom’s house, don’t you think?

  3. What a beautiful picture of that caterpillar! I also had no success with aubergines. They only grew to golf ball size and remained as hard as a golf ball after cooking!
    Your vegetable plants all look so healthy!

  4. I so agree, It took me a long time to figure out to grow only what we can use, or enough to freeze or can that we WILL use during the Winter. I am trying to be a productive gardener with very little waste!

  5. Beautiful!! Yo are so good at resisting…..I, on the other hand, am hopeless. I will be in trouble if(or when) I have a larger space to garden. But perhaps I will make great use of te space and the harvest and others will benefit. 🙂
    I’m not a fan of eggplant, but because of your picture I may have to grow one – just to see the beautiful flowers!

  6. The Iris Lady
    Love all your pictures your garden looks wonderful. I was a farm girl and this is how we survived coming from a large family. Only my oldest daughter follows in my foot steps and raises a large garden,
    I too plant and harvest. can tomatoes, freeze many vegetables.and friuts. I will try to send you pictures of my garden this summer.
    I freeze some tomato’s just for salads they taste better than Store bought retain the flavor of fresh.
    I live by myself but my children all love to come home to eat. as they know garden produce are all organic. and fresh.
    I also raise Iris flowers aprox 700 varities. in Michigan. do not have a web site yet working on it.

  7. Stunning photos as always! Last year was the first time I had any success with eggplants, and I’m not even sure why! I’m trying to grow veggies that we eat a lot of or that I will preserve through canning, freezing, etc. I just wish I had more space to grow more things! What’s on your list this year?

  8. Your photographs make me smile thinking about my own little patch of heaven. I walk back to the garden many times to just look in amazement at the changes, some subtle some not…sometimes it as if you visibly see the growth happening before your eyes. My wife asks….what were you looking at back there…I try but it does not translate very well… definitely see and you do such a nice job capturing what WE see…..thanks for sharing.

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