Of Sunlght and Silos

In all seasons I have walked past these imposing structures, a homage to a life that once was.

Always wanting to get closer, I walked down the street with the intent of segueing to the silos only to be distracted by the flora and fauna in surrounding fields.

With the sun lighting the silos as if on a movie stage, I at last stopped.

Imagine climbing up only to look down.

Staying only as long a s Maddie would allow,

I tried to capture the beauty of their decaying carcasses.

Thank you for dropping by.  If you’re so inclined, please let me know what you think!  Enjoy your day

17 thoughts on “Of Sunlght and Silos

  1. Very nice!

    On my trip to San Leon (TX) last year we went a back way so we could check off Oklahoma from the states we’ve visited.

    At this one junction there was a facility that looked abandoned. It had three silos that had been painted white, and were now rusting. I decided to stop on the way back . . . only because of the weather we went on major roads.

    I still hope to get back there someday.

    Again, nice pictures.

  2. As a child living on the farm in Michigan I used to climb the out side of the silo clear to the top , putting my fingers in the cracks until I could reach the next metal ring. As I sat on the top of the silo ( it was an open silo). I could see everything How scary today to think I did such a thing. the silo was empty. my dad had the silo closed off from the barn, just so we wouldn’ t be able to get to the inside and climb up thte door ways.

    Of course my Dad caught me and very calmly ask why are you up there? and how did I get up there? he said you wait there and I will come up and help you. He very carefully coached me to scoot over to the tube to go down .He guided me down by protecting me with his body so I wouldn’t fall. we both were happy to reach the bottom safe. not only did I get a stern talking to but a good spanking, so I would not ever forget.
    I think about this escapade and Thank the good Lord for taking care of me.

    I have many fond memories of My life on the farm. this was in the forty’s early fifty’s I was about eight years old.I will be seventy this year..we had a large family 7 girls and 2 boys and they were the last born.

  3. Super photos! Love that 2nd to last one with the bolts in that golden light…

    I miss seeing these kinds of things in my daily life, those old silos. I love that you stop and take the time to appreciate things like this, right down to the seedpod you come across on the way. I’m sure Maddie doesn’t mind the adventures either. 😉

  4. Silos are so great, they really tell the history of a place, you know that grain was grown there. Well that is what it means here. We have three silos here, that I drive past all the time, but you can’t get into the paddack they are in to be able to do some photos of them. It is like they are guarding our community.

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