Feeding Two Birds With One Seed

Today I pay homage to fellow bloggers, Ron Slaven and Tom Hutton.   My first seed is shared with fellow blogger, Rob Slaven. On Sunday I read his post on the Tattered Thread.          tthread.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/the-bane-of-expectations/

He questioned the act of purposefully looking for that perfect photo.  I commented I did not have the desired focus or mental strength to pursue the perfect photo and often let things slip away.  This morning on my way to work I learned there are some things I will deviate for and purposefully pursue.

My second “seed” is reserved for my fellow blogger Tom Hutton at Tootlepedal’s blog, A look at life in the borders.  Tom  so eloquently describes his daily outings.  One of those outings took him to Gretna.  There he photographed a wonderous sight, starlings in flight.   Today’s photos are reminiscent of his capture.


Please stop back to see more of this wonderous sight!

Thank you for dropping by.  If you’re so inclined, please let me know what you think!  Enjoy your day

10 thoughts on “Feeding Two Birds With One Seed

  1. What a wonderful sight! Again, great minds think alike… have just prepared a post for tomorrow with a flock of birds flying over our river. Not as spectacular as yours, but inspiring just the same!

  2. Thank you for your mention. There is something really moving about watching these huge flights of birds. Partly I think it is just about the joy of the sheer physical movement and partly because of the wonder at the ability of so many to work together so harmoniously.

  3. Wondrous indeed, Bonnie! Beautiful to see. Thanks for bringing me cause for smiles and connection to nature’s beauty while I am tethered to my desk in my office. Ahhh….now I can continue with my day. 🙂

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