January Jewels

Remnants of gardens past. These small white jewels grace the gardens that once surrounded the Snyder Homestead.

Even though these snowdrops appear to be strangled by weeds, they persevere and greet each person who passes by.

Further down the path Barberry berries appear luminescent in an otherwise bramble of brown.

Hugging the stump of a once gentle giant, Bracket fungi imitate flowers of spring

or corals beneath the sea as they plant themselves on structures they hoped would stand the test of time.  But eventually all things grow old and the cycle of life begins again.

Thank you to all who stop by, your comments and support bring a smile to my face and inspire me to continue!

Thank you – thank you – thank you!!!


17 thoughts on “January Jewels

  1. Our snowdrops are also up right now. Those barberries are beautiful, and a welcome sight with their splash of brilliant color in this rather color-less time of year. Lovely composition and color in all of your shots. Love that little bit of crunchy snow in the last one! That photo of fungi is amazing. Please tell me you exhibit your work somewhere!

  2. Hey, no need to thank us for commenting. Your pictures are worth seeing. Lovely patterns from nature here. What’s the rock forming the backdrop to the snowdrops? Sculpted or natural?

  3. Beautiful Bonnie! I especially love your capture of the Bracket Fungi. It is very alluring, mesmerizing, and so beautiful.

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