Do not look directly into the sun -sunset 1/24/2012

Living in a landscape of hills and vales, sunrises and sunsets become elusive occurrences that need to be tracked down and captured before they expire. Driving home from work I find it difficult to keep my eyes on the road because I want to observe what is happening in the westward sky.  First I see shades of cobalt and pink.  As I climb higher I begin to see fluorescent orange outlines.  I find myself driving past my home and following the road which leads me to the highest vantage point.  Stopping, I pull to the side of the road hoping to capture the setting sun in all its glory.  Trucks fly by me with people obviously sharing their disdain that I dared to stop at a point in the road where no one usually stops.  All this for a photograph that may or may not pay tribute to the sun this day.

Thank you for dropping by.  If you’re so inclined, please let me know what you think!  Enjoy your day


6 thoughts on “Do not look directly into the sun -sunset 1/24/2012

  1. I know the feeling. Some time ago I stopped driving all together–that is my wife made me stop driving and took over the wheel. I would be distracted constantly by things that I wanted to photography along the road. Indeed among our only disagreements are the moments I want her to stop immediately so I can jump out and photograph something and she (wisely) waits to find a safe place to pull over. I am fond of saying that when God gives you a picture, you’ve got to take it!

  2. Lovely photos. I should try and get some sunset photos for you tonight while I am still here up in the mallee. They can be very red.
    People can look at you oddly when you suddenly stop to take photos. I try not to notice.

  3. Too many times I have tried to drive and observe the country side beauty….landscape scenes, sunrises/sunsets, and other distracting/attracting sights. My wife always asks if I would like for her to drive while I “gawk”. I resisted for too many years and missed many opportunities to better capture the images – both in my mind and with the camera. I now let her drive more often and I find the time to “really see” and stop to capture….Thanks for sharing.

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