One Amazing Photo or How to stay warm on a cold winter’s morning

Last November I read a blog post written be the duo at Photobotos.

The story stayed with me because the photo was taken at Canyonlands National Park, a destination I have always wanted to visit. It was entitled “How to Take Amazing Photos”.  The photo was outstanding. But then I began looking at the photos I had been taking within a short distance of my home and realized I could do an abridged version of their story. Happy Saturday morning!

Step 1)  Plan an 18 day road trip through the national parks of the western United States.

Work every day hoping to take a vacation once every 3 years.

Step 2)   Stay in an area such as Moab that is surrounded by beauty and national parks.

Live close to an urban area in the  Eastern US.

Step 3)  Wait until the coldest day of the trip and get up way earlier than you need to.

Sleep in under polyester-filled comforters until Miss Maddie awakens you with her wet kisses.

Step 4) Drive an hour in the dark and miss your turnoff several times because you have trouble reading a map in the dark.

Jump into your 2000 Hyundai and drive two tenths of a mile up the road.

Step 5)   When you finally get there make sure you forgot something that would have made you a lot more comfortable in 10 degree weather.  In my case it was gloves, but a hat, scarf, shoes would all work.

Pull your thrift store coat tight around your Victoria Secret Pajamas.

Step 6)   Wear shoes that absorb water like a sponge when you hike through the snow.  Your extremely cold feet will make you forget you didn’t bring gloves.  This works until you have to hold a metal tripod and camera in your hands and then you forget about your feet.

Stay nice and toasty in your Rocket Dog slippers.

Step 7)  Once you get to your planned shot, say hello to the warmly dressed local photographers who somehow  made it there before you.  If they ask you about your missing gloves tell them you are from north of the Arctic Circle and you didn’t think 10 degrees warranted breaking out a pair.

Listen to NPR in your running car while you wait for the sun to move from behind a cloud.

Step 8)   Set up your shot and then feel free to move around and check other angles.  I am always amazed how other photographers seem to cement their tripods into the ground during their photo shoot.  Not me! I move around like a madman.

Get ready to roll the window down to take the photo of your life.

Step 9)  Talk to the other photographers about other interesting places to photograph in the area and be the last one to leave the site.  You never know what opportunities might happen so stay alert.

Think about taking the camera along with you to work.  You never know what will present itself.

Step 10)  Arrive back at the hotel and start the rest of your day with a smile… and dry shoes, of course!

Drive back down the street to feed the dogs, make coffee and get ready to go to work!

Ok, it’s not a natural arch in Canyonlands National Park Utah, but it is a rather lovely sunrise in Eastern Pennsylvania!

Thank you for dropping by.  If you’re so inclined, please let me know what you think!  Enjoy your day


7 thoughts on “One Amazing Photo or How to stay warm on a cold winter’s morning

  1. Beautiful photography! I want to see what you can do with that huge old craggy tree that hangs out over Snyders Church Road at the farm just off of Airport Road. I think that is a beautiful old tree with a lot of character.

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