The Tree On Cemetery Hill

I have walked past the tree at the edge of cemetery too many times to count. It was not until last February that I became aware it even existed. Waking early one morning to a surreal glow streaming in my windows I realized the rising sun had appeared to set the clouds on fire. I had just started a new blog and wanted to capture its colors. When I arrived at the top of the hill the sky was ablaze with flourescent shades of orange and the tree stood in stark contrast to the vivid colors of the rising sun. It’s winter skeleton juxtaposed with the winter sky created an image that keeps drawing me back to the tree on Cemetery Hill.

January 17, 2012

Thank you for dropping by.  If you’re so inclined, please let me know what you think!  Enjoy your day


7 thoughts on “The Tree On Cemetery Hill

  1. I think the middle photo captures your description perfectly. Very nice work. Makes me consider that having a winter season to rest and contemplate has its special charms. As a year round gardener, I don’t get a break–but we do get some spectacular sunsets!

  2. All three photos are beautiful… what colours! I think I like the last one best, as you can see the sun already climbing into that wintry grey sky. You were there at the perfect time to catch it before it disappeared behind the cloud again!

  3. That first one is really spectacular, I can’t believe the sky. And this is in the morning? We never get skies like this in the morning. We would only get a really red sunrise if a storm was approaching. I can’t get over over how beautiful it is.

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