Along Came A Spider . . .

Little Miss Muffit and Ronald Weasley were never enamored by spiders. They found them frightening creatures which warranted escape as quickly as possible!

In stark contrast Rubeus Hagrid found spiders endearing. As a Hogwart’s student, Hagrid raised Aragog, a sentient spider capable of speech, all the while keeping him in a cupboard.

I am not known for raising spiders but I do allow them to live in my home.

I particularly encourage them to live in my garden.

Their presence helps to create balance.

The uniqueness of their shape and variation of color is always amazing.

They are beautiful creatures deserving of respect.

Another creature belonging to the class of arachnids are harvestmen or daddy longlegs.  These creatures are not spiders, which are of the order Araneae rather, they are of the order Opiliones.   An Urban Myth is that these gentle creatures have a deadly bite. Untrue!

They are beneficial Opilones which will eat annoying aphids off our prized plants!

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8 thoughts on “Along Came A Spider . . .

  1. Beautiful pictures!!! I have never killed a daddy longlegs but I must confess my hands have been the demise of a spider or two. Because I lived in a mid atlantic state I know quite a few people that have been bit by brown recluse spiders and I myself have seen a few black widows. Luckily the black widows I saw were outdoors therefore I could let them live. They are truly beautiful , blacker than the darkest night. Loved this post!!

  2. I’m sorry Bonnie, spiders are something that really give me the creeps, I have tingles running up and down my spine, I can’t even really look at them. Great photos though.

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