I Do Like Spiders and Snakes – Redux

Too many summers ago to count, my husband and I camped in Arcadia National Park, Maine.  We didn’t have children but we did have a small white poodle named Fifi.  Fifi came along on every excursion.  One afternoon we hiked the trail to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  Well into the hike I spotted a snake on the side of the trail. I bolted with Fifi at my heels.  A few minutes later Daniel came walking up the trail wondering why Fifi and I had left him behind.  Trying to be as composed as possible I told him about the snake.  Snakes would create in me flight not fight! Fast forward to today. Our daughters are grown and we have small white dog named Maddie.


Snakes create in Maddie fight not flight.

Maddie will alert me when she finds a snake in the garden.   It’s not so much a bark, as a yelp.  Thanks to Maddie I no longer flee when a snake is near.  Instead when I hear the yelp I run for the camera and then to the snake.

Maddie and the Snake


Another snake that lives at Valley View is the gentle spirited Northern Ringneck.  These small creatures can be found sunning themselves on shale slopes on the property. 

Tomorrow part two of “I Do Like Spiders and Snakes – Redux”.

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6 thoughts on “I Do Like Spiders and Snakes – Redux

  1. I always had to grab my dear, departed Chloe-dog and jerk her back before she could eat the snakes…not a pretty sight if I was slow!
    Good that you got over your fear of these helpful garden buddies – and took some great photos of them!

  2. No, no, no, snakes are scary. I hate them. Though not as much as spiders, Here in Australia we are brought up being told to stay away from snakes. They are dangerous. I think Australia has something 9 out of 10 of the most venomous snakes in the world. If we see a snake we run.

    1. We have only two venomous snakes in Pennsylvania. The Timber rattler and Copperhead. If you are so inclined to learn identification you can easily recognize the two. Also, their range is well known! As for spiders, tomorrow’s post, we do not have any poisonous spiders in the Lehigh Valley.

  3. I don’t mind snakes as long as I can identify them… we only have one poisonous snake in our region, but an escaped pet python was found on the road just around our corner a few of years ago! (And safely returned to its owner!)

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