Another Day Another Flower

Winter allows us to view the bones of a garden.  After clearing away decomposing leaves and depositing them into a composting area, the beauty of the  barren landscape becomes exposed.  It is almost inconceivable to imagine that in a few short months an explosion of color, shape and texture will obscure garden borders and soften rock walls. 

Peony or paeony is a name for plants in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the flowering plant family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America. Boundaries between species are not clear and estimates of the number of species range from 25 to 40.


Clematis (klematis)[2] is a genus of about 300 species[3] within the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. Their garden hybrids have been popular among gardeners[4] beginning with Clematis × jackmanii, a garden standby since 1862; more hybrid cultivars are being produced constantly. They are mainly of Chinese and Japanese origin.  from:

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7 thoughts on “Another Day Another Flower

  1. Being transplanted to the south, I miss peonies. It’s too hot for them here, and I remember lush beds of them in my NE Ohio garden. Thanks for the pictures. Waiting for spring!

  2. I think I am going to have to get some Peony’s for my garden, they look beautiful, which my garden doesn’t. I’ve neglected it for too long. Time to start spending some more time out there.

  3. Love your pictures of the Peony and Clemantis today makes me look forward to spring.such beauty.
    I have been in house about 2 wks and recovering from foot surgury 5 more weeks to go.then I will be able to get out. have not had a hard winter here in Michigan. but winter isn’t over yet. I had a new trellis built in fall and am looking forward to getting it planted.the peonys will be beautiful planted there along with clemantis. I raise Iris Plants have. the trellis faces the garden and it is large 12′ x6′ will have places to set and view gardens. any Ides of what to plant for the turnover of the next flowers. Clemantis I have to plant on the opposite side because of morning sun and not shaded in afternoon.

    1. I often use annuals to carry color through the growing season. I like to plant the tried and true as not to waste money! I also like dianthus, and coreopsis for mid summer and phlox for late summer.

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