To my fellow gardeners who are living through the neutral part of their year this post is a re-gifting of sorts. 

To those who live down-under and are currently experiencing the glories of a summer’s day, you just wait. And to those who live where warmth and color abound year round, it is unlikely you will ever understand!  You will never know the anticipation of waiting for that first flower to unfurl its petals and chase the sun. 

You will never look at the skeleton of a tree and wonder if it will it will again rejuvenate into a palette of green.

But if you still need your daily garden walk, pick up your cup of coffee or glass of Bloody Mary and join me in the garden!

Be sure to return.  For the remaining winter season I plan to share photographs from previous years of the garden at Valley View. But be warned, if snow does arrive I am certain I will share the experience with you!  Enjoy . . .


5 thoughts on “Re-Gifting

  1. We have the colour all around us, but it too is slowly turning brown as the amount of rain we are getting is not as much and the grass begins to turn brown. Still on water restrictions, so can’t water as much as I would like. It has been so hot here and looks set to continue, enjoy your cold weather, I wish I was there.

  2. Dear Michelle
    I hope its ok but I am going to cross post to this in my blog. I like the labyrinth. It reminds me of the sculpture of Andy Goldsworthy. I find this shaping of the landscape, a big palette if you like, inspiring.
    Best wishes
    Love the butterflies in the recent posts by the way.

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