The Potting Shed – An unexpected surprise!

I would like to share it happened again! Photos of my garden were again featured on the Fine Gardening Photo of the Day. This was a complete surprise.  I had submitted the photos weeks ago and I was not sent any conformation of the post.  Out to lunch –  a congratulatory text and there it was!

So here it is – And please, if you are so inclined click on the link and press the like button and thumbs up! If the numbers are high they might feature future photos!

“This is the former smokehouse, now potting shed, in my garden. When we moved into our home in 2004 there were no gardens or stonework around the potting shed. First the brick walkway to the barn was installed.  Next the patio block raised beds were added.  All the bricks and blocks were brought from our former home.  Last we added the crushed stone. 

In November two dwarf fruit trees were planted in the kitchen garden.  In the spring we are planning to remove the grass on the left side of the brick walkway and plant berry bushes.”


3 thoughts on “The Potting Shed – An unexpected surprise!

  1. Great to hear stuff you have done to your garden. Mine is suffering somewhat at the moment. Congratulations on getting your images published. I did feel inclined to click the link.

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