Clowning Around

For those of you who are new or visiting for the first time, Maddie is our slightly neurotic, Maltese Poodle mix who suffers from social anxiety.

Recently we had an occasion for a friend  to house-sit for the afternoon.  After an initial encounter, we were told Maddie ran upstairs and hid in the room with our daughter’s cat.

You may be wondering why we have let her behavior spiral out of control.

Perhaps it is her fierce hunting instincts

I will get you chipmunk!

Or it may be her eyes,

Or her contemplative moods

Perhaps it is her interest,

Her playfulness

Or it just may be she is the reincarnation of my father’s dog!

My father and his dog in 1921

I have yet to understand the power she has over me, but when I awaken to her morning hugs and kisses, I know my heart is hers for another day!


8 thoughts on “Clowning Around

  1. As a proud owner of 2 poodle-mix dogs, I can safely say that they all see, to be a little neurotic. They are not sure whether to be a terrier or a poodle. Love that dog.

  2. What a lovely, lovely little doggie you have!
    I really enjoyed your pics on Fine Gardening today. I recognized the labrinth! I think your walkways and tiered levels are wonderful.

  3. LOVE the pics of Maddie. Especially the one with her “crown” of liriope flowers. The photo of your dad and his dog is priceless.

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