Meet Maddie

For those of you who have stopped by this blog you have seen the occasional photo of Maddie.  She is our six-year-old Maltese Poodle mix and my constant companion.

What you do not know about Maddie is that she is my wild child. Easily distracted by a rustling leaf and afraid of her own shadow, she stalks the wild wood surrounding our home and will attack her sister dog, Gertrude, in the blink of an eye. 

Now that Gertrude is completely blind, Maddie is vying for Alpha female position. 

So when I find Maddie and Gertrude resting side by side I wonder what is her intent?

With Maddie you never know if she is bringing you her favorite ball or woodland creature.

Best suited for indoor living

her heart is elsewhere.

When she is in she wants to go out – When she is out – she wants to come in.  Oh Maddie . . .


8 thoughts on “Meet Maddie

  1. She looks like a handful! I think she understands her sister has a problem and the brief sharing of a nap together lets her know she’s there for her. Pets know so much more than we realize. That is sweet to see! Maddie will be a more calm pet in say 5 years???? LOL… she’s keeping your screen well marked!! Pets, ya gotta love ’em!!

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