Thank you to all who have stopped by!!!

Oops – I forgot to include a title – I am so excited!!!

I would like to invite all who have stopped by this blog since its inception in February 2011,  to click on  Fine Gardening Magazine Photo of the Day on Friday, November 25th, 2011.

My photos and garden will be featured!!! I am  sharing a sneak preview. These are the photos that will be featured.  Thank you to all who have been following and especially to all who have been commenting and helping me grow in my  photography, prose and sense of self! You all rock!!!!!!

Front entrance to our home. This was the last remaining area of grass to be removed in the front area of our home. I decided to camouflage the drainage pipe as a dry steam bed and plant with annuals until I fully appreciate the growing needs of the plants in this area.

Many of you may have already seen this labyrinth photo.  It is included on my page featuring my Labyrinth.  This will also be included on the Fine Gardening Photo of the Day!!!!


5 thoughts on “Thank you to all who have stopped by!!!

  1. Bonnie….What a fantastic thing to happen to you….you work very hard at your creations and now more people will be able to enjoy them

  2. Have read the article and was interested to hear how your garden developed… so similar to my situation. I must write a post about it soon. I wish you continued success and happy gardening!

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