Back To the Garden

“And I’ve got to get myself back to the garden…”, this phrase from the song, Woodstock, kept echoing through my mind.  60 degrees on November 20th in the Lehigh Valley is unusual.  With the sun setting as early as 4:40 I knew my time was limited.  After planting 102 tulip bulbs I began clearing leaves from flower beds.

Unfortunately I disturbed one small insect trying to slumber. 

With two hours of daylight remaining, I decided to put away the garden gloves and take Maddie for a walk. The afternoon sun was obscured by clouds and it appeared much later than 2:30.

With warmer than average temperatures for November, I found Spring weeds rising from the earth and setting seed.

I can only hope the ice and snow of Winter comes late and leaves early!  ENJOY . . .


4 thoughts on “Back To the Garden

  1. OK, I know you don’t want to hear this, but I want to live through a winter with snow with you, or rather through your images. I am excited about seeing the snow on the ground. But I guess I can wait and will look forward to it no matter when it comes. Great images again.

  2. There is a beauty in snow and ice when viewed from the warmth of one’s home or while taking a walk in the falling snow. But try to drive to work, find a parking space or even grocery shop, now there’s the rub!

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