Color Color Everwhere!

Yes it is November 13 in Northeastern Pennsylvania and an October snowstorm followed by freezing temperatures have created the perfect environment for falling leaves.  Most trees are now  skeletons of their summer-selves and flowers have been exiled to the compost pile.

Before I became entrenched in my gardening duties I set out to photograph the leaves and  flowers that refused to wither and die  under the weight of the snow and ice.  To my delight I discovered a garden alive with color.

Clinging to the ground and warmed by the stone wall, Chartreuse sedums blush an orange hue.

Thought their flowers are just a memory,

ground cover geraniums show their second choice of colors.

Fothergilla bushes appear to have been set on fire as morning rays of the rising sun warm their frost touched leaves.

Protected by fallen leaves and hugging the base of the trees,  Alyssum’s continue to grow and blossom.

Yes the garden is still alive and growing.  Only a layer of snow and ice will blanket it and put it to rest. Until then I will continue to explore and hope to find continued signs of life!   Enjoy . . .  


8 thoughts on “Color Color Everwhere!

  1. You are so lucky to still have so many flowers and so much colour in your garden. I hope the frosts don’t spoil it for you too soon. Again, wonderful photos!

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