Mornings ARE Colder

Last week’s October snow storm not only disrupted lives throughout the northeastern United States, it also disrupted the life of the natural world. Driving to work each morning I saw broken limbs and broken trees. Thousands of trees will need to be removed in the Lehigh Valley alone. Gardens came to an unexpected halt. 

Instead of turning golden brown, hostas iced over and turned soft.

Mornings appeared surreal as snow was “touched” by the rays of a rising sun.

Melting snow exposed a world of neutral shades.

Within days temperatures rose and life began to return to normal.

Humans and animals alike hope the storm isn’t a foreshadowing of things to come. A week without power and water can get old rather quickly! ENJOY . . .


6 thoughts on “Mornings ARE Colder

  1. There is beauty in gloom! Nice photos and report. It is hard for me to remember (after half a century in the tropics) what autumn and winter look like. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Great pictures. I love a misty autumn morning.

    A commentator on this side of the pond suggested that as a country you have allowed your power infrastructure to decay which accounted for the great number of power lines down. Is this a fair comment or was the snow simply overwhelming?

    1. I believe our power infrastructure to be fine. I was the heavy wet snow on trees which had yet to loose their leaves. A recipe for disaster! Plus the northeast is heavily forested. I would rather be without power for a week than to cut down the trees!

      1. Fair enough about the trees. The electricity companies cut routes through our trees very conscientiously over here. Thank you for the information, I like to check out whether newspapers are giving me accurate gen.

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