Road Closed

Embedded within this post is the obligatory nod to All-Hallows-Eve. Little did I realize the trickster would win out this year.

That being said, today is day five without power and water. As long as this road sign greets me on my drive home from work, I know I will be once again be lighting candles and stoking the fire.  Read on …

I tried to stay ahead of the storm, but La Niña won this round.

I heard the comments on the radio, a Halloween snow fall was about to descend upon us. Wait – what?  I had meticulously planned my 4 day weekend. Step one, pull out all annuals, step two cut back all herbaceous plants, step three mulch labyrinth.

Instead, I woke to a killing frost

and ice on my windows which was eerily similar to clouds in the sky.










The remainder of the day was spent trying to out race the storm. By the end of the day annuals were gone, peppers were picked and candles were lit for Trick-or-Treaters! (Here in the Lehigh Valley Trick-or-Treat is always the Friday before Halloween.)

The witch on the road was handing out candy and cursing La Niña !

We are all still trying to ENJOY …


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