An Idyllic Rural Life

Bucolic – pertaining to, or suggesting an idyllic rural life.   We are but visitors passing through enjoying this bucolic scene, one that calms the chaotic soul.

We are not in the barn washing out stalls, putting food into the troughs or shearing the sheep.

We instead envision a gentler, bygone time.

A time of peaceful coexistence.

As I walked away I heard the mooing coming from somewhere behind the shed. I turned the corner and saw the most beautiful pair of eyes gazing toward me.

As I walked closer both became attention seekers.

Gentle spirits indeed, Enjoy . . .


6 thoughts on “An Idyllic Rural Life

  1. so pretty! there’s a great spot like that near where I live… I must say, I love the country life, so picturesque!

  2. Those are wonderful photos! I want to reach out and scratch the calves heads! PA is always such a beautiful area to see farming at it’s best! We got to witness an Amish farmer plowing a field one time….standing on the plow with a team of horses pulling it. Great stuff and definitely a walk back in time!

  3. We used to have cows across the road from us, but they were slowing replaced by horses, so glad it wasn’t houses, and with luck it never will be. There is something very comforting living near large domestic animals.

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