Portrait of a Pumpkin

Each weekend in October tens of thousands of people throughout the northeastern United States drive to the country in search of the perfect Jack-O-Lantern.

They climb onto hay-wagons

and get jostled and tossed about until the tractor stops in an open field.

Children are carefully escorted down the steps  and then bolt like deer into the fields.

They run squealing with delight as the search for the perfect pumpkin.

What once began as orange balls has been transformed into colors and shapes sometimes unrecognizable as pumpkins.

Pumpkin or Gourd?

Add to the mix the hybridized gourds and squash and Autumn’s splendor cannot be eclipsed.

At one of our local nurseries, Cihylik Farms and Greenhouses, pumpkin picking is in full swing.

All shapes and sizes are available for sale. Let us take our perfect pumpkin home! ENJOY!

All photographs taken at Cihylik Farms, Northampton PA


5 thoughts on “Portrait of a Pumpkin

  1. Pumpkins are funny things, here in Australia, we eat a lot of pumpkin. We have it with roast potatoes, we have pumpkin soup, we eat it steamed, boiled, we have it in Quiches and Frittatas. We don’t carve them, or make pies with them. In other parts of the world I hear, they are used just for pig food. I wonder if that means the rest of the world thinks we are pigs?

  2. Bonnie…you have made me realize that I simply have not acquaired enough pumpkins to decorate my front porch! AND……I must get a bigger property so I can grow pumpkins and more gourds!! Ahhhh…the dilemna of the space-deprived gardener. 🙂

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