Picture Perfect Autumn Day

Subtitled – The Homestead Down the Road

I did not know them, I knew of them.  I knew them through stories.  They were the couple who bought the old Snyder homestead.  She died at the age of 92 one summer and he died that fall at the age of 96. I knew them through an auction held one summer day a year later.  I knew them through kitchen towels and aprons, through crocks and jugs and sausage grinders.

I know of their home, of their spring house.

I know of their work.   As I walk the loop on this picture perfect Autumn day I stop to see what remains.

Dismantled windows,

a rusting garden tiller

farm equipment waiting . . .

pieces of wood and timber ready.

A tribute to the homestead, perhaps created by one of the children fortunate enough to have called this home.

And a red rose, a testimony to everlasting love – yes a picture perfect Autumn day!

ENJOY . . .

Post Script – I dedicate to my friend Theresa, an inspiration to all who know her!

And if you want to see the homestead in spring check out the April Archive The Neighborhood Garden Part Two


5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Autumn Day

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I just joined your blog. Great story and photos of Paul Dech’s farm. I would often stop by when he was out in his garden working. He was pretty much working up till the end of his life. He loved his vegetable garden and flowers. He had such a great attitude about life and I enjoyed so much talking to him. He was like the grandfather I never had. I think he passed away after his wife died…….from a broken heart.

    Thanks for the great photos,

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