Corn Glorious Corn

I remember as a child cradling the Strawberry Popcorn kernels given to me by my grade school teacher. Walking home from school that day I was aware of every step I took not wanting to drop a single kernel.  My father gladly obliged my request to plant the seeds.  I watched them grow with the anticipation of harvesting the small cobs in the fall.  I was not disappointed.  I was able to pick numerous small cobs and my mother and I tried to pop the corn.  It did not quite live up to my expectations.  But I have been mesmerized by corn ever since.

Watching the seasons come to fruition though the cycle of a corn field comforts my soul.

The fields in June

The fields in October

Each year I look forward to walking through endless rows of corn imagining what lies just beyond.

Into the corn

The anticipation of the harvest is as exciting today as was decades ago.

When pulling back the husks of Indian corn the excitement builds as the glimmering kernels of purple, red, orange and white are exposed.

These colorful cobs help brighten ever corner of our home.  ENJOY . . .

Solidago (Goldenrod) and Field corn


3 thoughts on “Corn Glorious Corn

  1. This is great Bonnie! I feel like I am right outside in the warm autumn sun walking through the corn. Wonderful feeling! Thanks.

  2. Beauty is a great healer. Thank you Bonnie!!! I have not been getting out so thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds us. See you soon,Theresa

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