Sunshine and Saturdays

Waking to sunshine streaming in through bamboo curtains my mind begins to list all the things I want to do today.  There are always the must dos, the laundry and cooking, the should dos like clip the dog


and then there are the want to-dos, a walk, a truck load of mulch

and always always the photography.

So as I sit at the kitchen table looking out the window to the autumn woods beyond, I find myself drawn to the photography! The red maple beckons me to walk through the garden with camera in hand to chronicle and share the season’s beauty.

An Autumn Garden Walk

North facing foundation garden

Potting Shed garden

Burning Bush (aka Winged Euonymus or Spindle Tree) Berries Euonymus alata “Compactus”


Autumn Sedum

And a view of the work ahead, how to unite the upper and lower gardens.   Enjoy . . .

And now I am off to give Maddie her hair cut.  A pet parent’s day is never done!


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