Another Weekend Away From the Garden

Central Pennsylvania in early September is at the mercy of the weather as is much of the Eastern half of the United States.  Rain was the order of the day. 

A scenic drive to the Pennsylvania Wilds to see the Elk herd called for umbrellas.

Yet through the drops of rain the beauty of the wilds emerged.

The vistas were reminiscent of the Great Smoky Mountains.

A stop at a road side stand for apples was a delight not only for the sweet scent of ripening fruit

but for the unique features found around the shop. 

The day ended with a stop at the Benezette Hotel and Restaurant, a local bar and eatery. 

A glass of local wine, beer in Mason jars and comfort food was an interesting end to an interesting day!

ENJOY . . .


4 thoughts on “Another Weekend Away From the Garden

    1. I have a Cannon PowerShot SD1200 IS Digital elph 10.00 mega pixels. I have absolutely no idea what any of that means lol! It was a Christmas gift from my husband. He told the clerk that I love to take garden and outdoor pictures and this is what he brought home!

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