Sounds of a Hurricane

On Saturday it was the sound of rain. Rain pelting the skylight, rain hitting the roof. 

On Sunday it was the wind.  Wind sweeping between the downspout and  house creating a vibrating sound that I surely thought some strange creature clinging to my home. Wind wiping around the corners of my house moaning with ecstasy as it flew past my windows.  Wind knocking down 100 foot oak trees in the woods behind my home.

  Watching and listening as the wood creaked and cracked and then exploded upon impact.

Wind rushing through the trees creating a noise to rival that of any large mechanical engine.

On Monday it was the generators. 

In the distance I heard a constant hum. I thought of the Langoliers somewhere off in the distance.  It was not until Monday afternoon when the hum became mixed with a deafening grinding and whirling of cogs and belts which vibrated my back deck that I realized the distant humming was that of generators creating power where there was none.

No electric except to run the frig, no water, (well pump run on electric), it is going to be an interesting – hopefully – couple of days!

Metropolitan Edison said not until Friday 😦


4 thoughts on “Sounds of a Hurricane

  1. Oh that’s too bad such big trees came down. Sounds like you fared it all okay though. Now you have all that clean up to do! I hate losing the electricity! We bought our own generator once because of that. My son lives in Malvern and they lost power Sat. at 10 and it was back on Sun. by 2… That was one wild storm!

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