I Diverge – 2

Even on a mid-Friday afternoon the Smithsonian museums proved to be an anxiety ridden experience. But before following the parade of people marching toward  the Museum of Natural History,

we took a meandering side path through the National Sculpture Garden.

Barry Flanagan British, born 1941  Thinker on a Rock, 1997 cast bronze

Typewriter Eraser, Scale X, 1999  stainless steel and cement   Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

Roy Lichtenstein House I, fabricated and painted aluminum

Louise Bourgeois Spider, bronze with silver nitrate patina

After this quiet diversion we made our way into the museum. Trying to get a glimpse of the Hope Diamond was a laborious exercise of patience while children pushed in front of the adults snapping pictures with their camera phones. Unfortunately I could not get close enough for my obligatory snap.  Instead my daughter and I made our way through a maze of rooms and corridors to the gem and mineral exhibit.

The colors and shapes of minerals birthed in the depths of Mother Earth rival the flowers in most manicured gardens.

Even the popular colors of today were featured – Eggplant purple, Chartreuse green and Orange orange.

Upon exiting the exhibit we navigated our way to a room filled with oohing and awing children of all ages.  As we joined in their chorus we were mesmerized by the dinosaurs and fossils in the national collection.

I could not leave the museum without first standing before extraterrestrial boulders.  I do believe one would look amazing in my garden!

Walking back to the hotel every street scene provided one with the opportunity of capturing a cityscape.  Enjoy …  tomorrow, the Museum of American History Bon Appetit!


4 thoughts on “I Diverge – 2

  1. Finally, I can leave you a reply… although I’ve tried on several occasions, this is the first time my computer has allowed it, lol. 🙂 I DO BELIEVE ONE OF THE FANTASTIC ROCKS WOULD LOOK PHENOMINAL IN YOUR GARDEN AS WELL! 🙂 🙂 What a lovely thought…

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