Sweet Music

This year NPR created a summer series, The Sounds of the Season. http://www.npr.org/2011/05/30/136800361/a-summer-series-sounds-that-remind-you-of-the-season 

The sounds of one’s own heart beating, string beans being dropped into a container, a clap of thunder and the obligatory buzz of a mosquito were all included.

I initially thought the melodic song of the Red-Winged Blackbird would be my inclusion.

When I hear its song drifting through the meadows and woods I am immediately transported to an earlier time in my life when I would explore the wilds of the North Bangor woods. But as summer drew on my choice has changed.  The crisp, vibrating, repetitious song of the cicada would indeed be my choice.

As a child I would wait in anxious anticipation for the cicada’s vibrating song that would bounce around inside my head until I felt as though it was poring out of my ears.  I would then begin a methodical hunt for the elusive discarded exoskeleton.

I would find them clinging to the bottom of tree trunks and the underside of leaves.

If I was very lucky I would witness a cicada out-maneuvering a pursuing bird. The cicada would dive and then ascend with such precision that the bird would lose the battle.

Then as summer drew to a close I would find their spent bodies scattered throughout the yard.  As each day passed their drone would slowly subside.  Cooler days gave way to silent mornings. 

But for now they are still here and I  wake joyfully to the cacophony of their song! 

Enjoy . . .


3 thoughts on “Sweet Music

  1. We went away on holidays once when I was a child and there were Cicadas everywhere. I had never heard them before that, I think I was about 14. They drove me nuts with their endless noise. I did have a good holiday and now when I hear them or someone talks about them, I think about a holiday in a caravan.

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