A Warm August Afternoon

Walking through the garden my eyes are drawn not only to the splashes of color  provided by the petals of a myriad of flowers

but also to the unique creations made of stone, metal and concrete. 

Recycled Walkway – the bricks are from an Allentown warehouse and the stone from a barn down the road.

They move about the gardens until they find their own settling place. 

Some were purchased for a specific area

while others appeared stoic or joyful and needed to be brought home to complete  the garden.  

I am always looking for that perfect piece of garden art. 

I envision a day when works of local artists are scattered throughout the gardens in a joyful juxtaposition of creative collaboration with the natural world.  ENJOY . . .


5 thoughts on “A Warm August Afternoon

  1. I like the artwork in the garden. I started buying some pieces many years when we moved here, but the garden is so small that it would be easy of it to overrun with them, so only very very occasionally do I buy something for it. Yours is lovely so beautiful.

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