It’s Back!

The Geek Squad at Best Buy finally called me.  My camera was fixed and ready for pick-up. This time the call was correct.  I brought the camera home and was determined to learn how to use more of its applications. 

Upon waking yesterday morning I could not resist capturing the woods behind our home.  With a heavy dense fog lifting, I felt as though I was in the Costa Rica rain forest.  There is a peace and beauty in a shrouded land.

After taking a few pictures I turned my attention to the settings on the camera.  I discovered that taking off the auto zoom and choosing a setting, I could take close-ups that have such clarity you might believe you are a diminutive creature journeying from tree to flower!

Up Close

To those who read this and are photographers  I can only imagine the excitement and personal gratification you receive when a photo speaks to you!

A garden is the perfect place to be restored! Enjoy. . .

Grass Spider


7 thoughts on “It’s Back!

  1. I love the picture of the foggy morning. I lived in a metopolitan area most of my adult life and have been enthralled by the foggy morns here in the rolling countryside of PA.

  2. Yay you got it back! Lucky! I’m glad to see it’s working so well! Great shots! I love those foggy mornings too…it adds a perfect touch to the landscape! Looks like you will be having some new fun with your camera! A garden is a great place to restore yourself and feel that sense of accomplishment….watching those plants produce their flowers, growing larger and imagining new things to do with it! Always something to look forward to!

  3. What a relief it must be to finally have your camera back. I would be lost without mine. You should take it off auto more, just imagine all the stuff you will discover. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

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