Another Day Another Project

I began the day in the lower garden dragging sumac branches out of the woods. I was ready to begin the project. But first I needed stop and photograph this Spicebush butterfly. Then I needed to ask Daniel to please help me create my vision!

I am often told by my daughters that I think too much.  Today I believe my thinking paid off!  For the past year I have been envisioning a rustic arbor with a bench beneath. 

Last year when we thinned the sumac I saved the trunks hoping to use them in this project.  I had a design in mind.  Today Daniel and I attempted to work together to create this design.

I must say, he did an amazing job!  I measured, he cut, I placed the wood and he placed the screws.  I had wanted to place the arbor in the lower garden near the labyrinth, but looking up and seeing past storm damage, I think branches will be falling. So it was placed in the middle garden.

Upon returning to the deck and a glass of wine, I saw on the fireplace wood a praying mantis.  I can never get enough photos of this astounding creatures!

I ended the day watching a local farmer drive his newly bailed hay up to his barn, I love living in the country, ENJOY . . .


7 thoughts on “Another Day Another Project

  1. That turned out marvelous! You are like my spouse and myself. I dream things up- he helps me create it! Our whole back yard has been my ideas and without him it may never have happened. I’ve been hearing the praying mantis but haven’t seen them. I love hearing their “buzzing” noise!
    I think they’ve gotten their 2nd cutting of hay around here and that’s usually all they will get. It is wonderful living in the country and seeing the simple things in life— things those in a big city don’t get to witness!

  2. Hi Sis,

    Another keeper. I wish I was more computer literate to share more with you. I truly enjoy your photo essays. Keep them coming!

  3. Love the Arbor, looks very ancient Greek, hope we get to see a photo of you sitting there enjoying a glass of wine.
    How big was that praying mantis? From the photo it looked huge.

  4. I agree with Leanne. There’s an elegant, diaphanous charm to your arbor. I love the contrast between the pink and the green in the first photo.

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