A Day In the Life of the Garden (er)

The day awaits…

In northeastern Pennsylvania, the beginning of August is a miraculous time.  The singing of the cicada’s awaken you to a cool morning breeze and their songs continue until just after sunset. 

(Some mornings I begin before I change out of my bed-clothes)

The heat of the day begins to envelop you at around 10:30 am. It is at this time I retreat to the lower garden.  But inevitably I will need to walk back up the slope for a forgotten garden tool or glass of water.  Today it was the camera I had neglected to take with me. As I began picking up fallen branches and black walnuts from within the circuits of the labyrinth, a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly floated effortlessly around me navigating through shrubs to find the flowers of its choice.  I knew I wanted to share its beauty so up the slope, up the ramp and yes, up the steps I ran hoping that when I arrived back in the lower garden with camera in hand it would still be drinking the Impatiens’ nectar. 

After pursuing the Swallowtail while trying to capture its beauty,

I then walked into the stream to cool my overheated body.  Still having the camera I could not resist taking pictures of the creatures living there.

Water Strider, notice the reflection of its shadow in the water.

I hope you enjoy this day in the garden…

This Northern Leopard Frog took refuge next to my foot as Maddie made her way through the tall grass.

Even a fallen acorn looks magical when caught in swirling water.

Upon returning to the upper gardens I saw this Half-banded Topper Dragonfly resting on a bamboo stake in the garden.  This skimmer has become scarce in the Northeastern U.S.

Maddie on guard as evening descends.


8 thoughts on “A Day In the Life of the Garden (er)

  1. Simply stunnig Bonnie! As I enjoyed our weekend at the shore, and a wonderful day on the beach today, I am still so enamored with your garden blog…..and I stay connected…… Thank you. 🙂

  2. I love it.. actually started working on the backyard after all of the storm damage from april/may. finally got rid of all of those limbs. Bed # 4 is created and already has plants. Thanx for the inspiration as always 🙂

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