The lovers, the dreamers and me…

How often have we sat alone in a contemplative place dreaming of how we envision our lives to be.

Whether 5 or 15 or soon to be 55 we dream of a future as we want it to be. I wish for everyone to have moments when their dreams become their reality. For me, it has happened in this garden.

Today I encountered a woman who eloquently tried to explain to her tenant, a younger woman, that inner peace will be found if she works the soil and creates a garden space to dream within.  I dedicate this photo blog to her.  Thank you Fay for helping me to remember to always dream!  Enjoy…

The Lover… (my gardening companion and a gift from my older daughter)

The Dreamer…  (a sculpture purchased from 10,000 Villages when I had learned I had not lost my job)

And me.  (Smokehouse transformed into a garden retreat.)

From: The Rainbow Connection:

Who said that every wish would be heard and answered
when wished on the morning star?
Somebody thought of that
and someone believed it,
and look what it’s done so far.
What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?
And what do we think we might see?
Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
the lovers, the dreamers and me.

All of us under its spell,
we know that it’s probably magic….

Have you been half asleep
and have you heard voices?
I’ve heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors?
The voice might be one and the same.
I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.
It’s something that I’m supposed to be.
Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
the lovers, the dreamers and me.


4 thoughts on “The lovers, the dreamers and me…

  1. Happened upon your blog and could not be more joyful that your life journey has turned out so spectacularly. Keep living out your gifts and following your bliss!

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