Gardens Do Not Happen in Isolation

As I again look at the before and after pictures of the garden I realize I have neglected to expound upon the origins of the brick walkway.

As a child my father would tell me the story of how the patio bricks came to our home.

He was a steel worker and in the early part of the twentieth century building supplies for steel worker’s homes were supplemented with anything that fit into a lunch box. And so it was with our patio.  Brick by brick it came to be.  Whether or not this is true I cannot say.  But the story lived on.

In 2004 when then Tropical Storm Ivan let go a deluge on the Lehigh Valley the brick patio was literally washed away.

Daniel and his friends rescued the bricks from the mud and muck.  They loaded them onto a trailer and brought them to  Valley View.

When we purchased the house there was no brick walkway only an expanse of grass.  I envisioned the walkway, planting beds and a potting shed.  Daniel  understood my vision and built the brick path.  I added the planting beds and together we scooped and dumped crushed stone.

He continues to work with me to create my vision.  As I type, he is building steps to the lower garden.  A union, teamwork, souls intertwined… our daughters understand, without one there could be no garden.

ENJOY . . .


6 thoughts on “Gardens Do Not Happen in Isolation

  1. This all looks so great! That must have been awful going through that storm and having your place ruined like that. It’s wonderful that the bricks were re-claimed. I love how the step path was made, nice long graduated drops…very comfortable to walk on I’m sure! I like your shet- I’m going to share that with a friend who’s looking for inspiration on her shed! Love your orange cone flower-
    is it one of the sunset series? Funny- my husband’s name is Daniel and without him I couldn’t have gotten done the things I have either. I have the vision and he helps me get it done! Have a wonderful holiday week-end. Liz

  2. Again Bonnie – just beautiful in every way. Thanks for sharing your story and the pics. How devastating – but life and beauty renewed in another form. I too love your orange cone. Mine all revert to pink! Even my whites – Frustrating.

  3. Hello Sister,
    A beautiful piece but sad pictures of the home we grew up in.
    I am glad that out of chaos beauty was rescued.
    Brother Clyde

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