It’s Not Monday Anymore

Thank you to all who shared your thoughts and ideas about Magnified Mondays.

There were an equal amount of votes for Magnified Meanderings and Magnified Musings. Another idea was presented – Magnificent Magnifications.

I have decided rather than choosing one, each has its own merit. Depending on the day, the walk and the photos, any of the afore-mentioned titles may be appropriate!

Hiding within the petals of this climbing rose an insect seeks refuge from predators and inclement weather.

I am still mesmerized by the colors and form of spiders!

Spirals occur everywhere in the natural world, perhaps that’s why I love labyrinths.

That being said, I will need to wait to see if the photographs inspire contemplative thoughts, create a visually winding, turning course or are truly splendid! For today, you be the judge.  ENJOY . . .


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Monday Anymore

  1. Wow…love all the pictures- the caterpillar one is so very cool! What a great close-up! It looks like it’s wearing a leafy green hat! Love the detail in the sunflower…I too have a nest of robins eggs…although mine has been abandoned… 😦 I like the Lollipop Lily….so cheerful in color! I must get a better camera so I can get details like this!

  2. Thank you Liz! What has been so much fun is now when I walk through the gardens I am taking the time to appreciate ALL that exists there! Using the camera is an eye-opener lol

  3. LOVE it all!! I see a funky shaped heart inside the spirals of the sunflower. And how great it is to find someone who also sees the beauty in spiders! I have to share a great picture I have with you Bonnie. I have searched my dill for the caterpillar – as I have another friend with those beauties adorning her dill too. But where are mine?? Alas, I will be satisfied that I saw my first hummingbird of the season on Sunday. Life is good. 🙂

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