Protection Plans really do work!

He knew it would happen one day.  He knew anything I took into the garden might just remain there indefinitely. A gift with a protection plan was a guarantee that I would have the item for at least the length of the plan. And so it happened.

I was extremely excited for him to see the picture of the Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillar.  I brought the camera out to show Daniel that you could actually see the caterpillar munching on the dill.

After dinner and a second glass of wine we came inside for the evening.  The rain came after midnight. The next morning Maddie and I walked onto the deck and there it was in a puddle of water.  My camera:(

After a stop at Best Buy and confirmation of my protection plan my camera was whisked away to be fixed.  2 to 3 weeks oh no! Of course today was the day I saw my first green-fly of the season and a beautiful blue winged insect.  But no pictures.  Thankfully my daughter, Bethany, has come to my rescue.

She has agreed to allow me to borrow her camera until mine finds its way home.

ENJOY . . .


4 thoughts on “Protection Plans really do work!

  1. My thanks to Bethany as well – for allowing my enjoyment to continue! Bonnie – a checklist to remind you to bring toys inside after playing??? 🙂

  2. Oh no, leaving the camera outside. You might need to get a waterproof one. I often use my phone to take photos, but I am never that happy with the results, and as a result have started getting the good camera out, the one I use for my business. You images inspire me to take better images of my garden, so I am glad you have one to use in the mean time.

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