Morning Coffee or Be Careful What you Wish For!

Yes, be careful!  After driving to work for 2 days in a row the third day was spent at home, but not in the gardens but in bed 😦 So I guess staying home isn’t always what we wish for.  So be careful but read on…

How can I leave? As I stand out on the deck on a warm June morning drinking my first cup of coffee I see one more thing that makes me smile. 

Today as I looked into the variegated Willow a Ruby throated Hummingbird was sitting on a branch. As quickly as it caught my eye it darted away.

Looking toward the lower gardens a rabbit hopped out of the underbrush  and began eating the Lamium.

Behind it a chipmunk ran across a log. Wood thrushes, catbirds, swamp sparrows and robins were feeding their young. Try as I might I could not find an excuse to stay home especially having just taken a week off! So I pulled myself together and began to drive to work. It was an opportune time to turn onto Tanglewood because in front of me a mother deer and her fawn crossed the road.  The baby was so young it had a difficult time scrambling up the embankment. If only I had a camera in hand.  I did last night! Here is how the garden grows.  Enjoy . . . 

Aquilegia canadensis – Thomas Mann Randolph, Jefferson’s son-in-law, observed this perennial wildflower blooming on April 30, 1791.

A rescue from down the road.  A piece was literally growing on the road o I broke it off brought it home and gave it a place to multiply!


2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee or Be Careful What you Wish For!

  1. Your flowers are beautiful! It does give one peace of mind to stare at their beauty and know you had something to do with them being there! I had some double columbines I ordered from the Thomas Jefferson-Monticello Foundation. I had to move them to the edge of the woods. They were just beautiful! I love your red one!

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