Virtual Garden Tour – part 2

I began with an empty canvas, no rocks, no plants just a stained composite deck and unmanageable slopes. I hated the property.  I was certain I would never have a garden to walk through. The pond and gardens I had lost in the flood were just a memory.  Now that empty canvas is just a memory. I wake every morning to a bird’s-eye view (literally!) of the gardens. 

I go to sleep every night dreaming of possible new vistas.  I know it will never be complete, nor should it.  A garden is forever changing.   Walk with me now and enjoy this moment in the garden! 

Steps to the woodland garden

Sum and Substance Hosta

An area that was once only raspberry canes is now planted with hostas, Ajuca, Ostrich ferns and Lamium

Looking down the steps at the dry stream bed

On the way to the lower gardens

Rock retaining wall

Weigela, Helleborus, Christmas ferns, hostas and cowslips (Primulas)


6 thoughts on “Virtual Garden Tour – part 2

  1. Love this; I have a slope as well, but have just now decided to tackle it. I am a front yard gardener with dreams of a welcoming backyard. I like how you formed steps, without breaking the bank. I will definitely be trying this idea. Kudos 🙂

  2. I find myself being so envious of all your work and the amazing results. My garden is about a tenth the size of yours. For someone who never really wanted a garden I wish mine was more like yours. Congratulations, all your hard work really is showing and it looks fabulous.

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