Virtual Garden Walk – part one

I often post photos of individual flowers but today I wanted to invite all who follow this blog on a garden walk.  The intensity of the various shades of green at times overpower the photographs, but I hope you get a sense of what its all about ENJOY . . .

Maddie by the Kitchen Garden

Dianthus with the composter in background. The cement pad was once the floor of the pen for the goats of a previous owner.

Asiatic Lilies in the potting shed garden

Driveway Flower Bed

Peonies by the driveway

North side of the home as seen from the driveway

Spiraea by the driveway

Potting shed as seen from the road

Rose in bed by road

Front of home as seen from my neighbor’s yard

New Drainage Garden the plan is to plant a white Dogwood tree in the center of this new bed

Rock garden and fountain in front of home

The original rose was removed due to black spot.  The root-stock grew and now I have a vintage rose, still some black spot but not as severe!

Join me tomorrow to walk behind the home to the lower terraced, lower and woodland gardens…


8 thoughts on “Virtual Garden Walk – part one

  1. I just discovered your garden blog and it’s wonderful! I enjoyed touring some of your postings. Your photography is great and I enjoyed seeing parts of your yard! You have some beautiful iris plants! Love the bowling ball in the dry creek! LOL..

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