As I Promised

Today’s photos are of the iris in the garden. Many are pass-alongs all are survivors.

More than 15 years ago the parent of this plant graced the preschool garden where I worked. One spring afternoon I spent time weeding and mulching the garden bed.  One rhizome popped out and found its way to my garden. Two homes later it has multiplied exponentially!

These heirloom iris are all survivors of the flood. All made their way to Valley View via black plastic garbage bags.  The first winter they were tucked away by the side of the potting shed.  Gradually they became planted in their present beds.

Three pots of bearded iris were purchased in 2007 with an idea in mind to have them grace the bank of the stream.  Not knowing how damp the soil remained throughout the summer months, all the rhizomes began to rot.  Quickly digging them out and drying them in the sun, these iris found new homes in various locations around the garden. 

When the farmhouse down the road was raise, field stone was not the only rescue.

My neighbor received his pass along from the ladies his partner does yard work for. He waited in anticipation for the flowers to open not knowing the ultimate beauty they would bring to his garden.

Now I must work up the courage to knock on a door up the road and ask if a trade is possible.  Tangerine.  I wonder if it’s complimentary color would be a fair trade?   ENJOY . . .


2 thoughts on “As I Promised

  1. Hi Bonnie
    I think I’ve worked out why your photos work out so much better than mine, you have a beautiful backdrop with your extraordinary garden, perhaps after a year or two mine will be the same.
    You have so many different types of Iris’s I didn’t even know there were that many.

  2. You are the best ever. That all maroon and the maroon/yellow photos are soooo great. I am so excited to see your work in action!!!

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