Another Day of Rain

A number of years ago my family lost our first home, the home my father built, the home where my husband and I raised our daughters, in a flood. But for us fortuosity stepped in and led us to Valley View.  But days and nights of rain, news articles of violent weather and flooding makes me pause and think of all who have lost something precious and have not been able to regroup. So as I share with you the delights of this garden it is because I have accepted stewardship of this piece of land.

This garden is my therapy and something to be shared freely as all things beautiful should be shared.

Even under the weight of a thousand rain drops hostas stand tall and strong . . .

unfortunately the same cannot be said for the azaleas. 

The vegetable garden delights in the rain . . .

and iris are ready to pop!

And Maddie just gets wet! 


7 thoughts on “Another Day of Rain

  1. Your post was a gift to me – as I lament over things lost, you point the way to a more spiritual, more positive outlook. And I have to comment: I am the pet parent of Maddie’s twin brother – a creature of joy that only God could have sent into my life.

    1. Thank you, as I search for reason and purpose I realize it is the unobtrusive encounters that change lives. I will carry your words with me and pass them on to all who will hear!
      But tell me – is Maddie’s “twin brother” as crazy as she is?

  2. Your photography is fantastic. I have now started to try and take better quality photos of my garden for my blog. Your garden is always beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Leanne,
      My father a Steelworker, was a frustrated photographer. His mantra was composition! I cannot look through the lens of a camera (or on the screen) without “seeing” the picture as a work of art. I discard so many photos, love today’s technology! Bonnie

  3. I remember rainy days hunting with Dad with the rain drops washing the skies clean and the smell of wet leaves. I miss him terribly. The best thing about an afternoon rain storm is hoping you will see a rainbow , think about a pot of gold, and know all is right with the world . As I have gotten older I realize the pot of gold is the love of family.
    Brother Clyde

  4. That bed behind the deck looks insane! I can’t wait to see it ❤ I am always so proud of the positive thing you made from our loss.

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