Maddie and the Snake

It was at a most precarious moment when I heard the shrill tone in her bark.  Poised on a slope of loose shale,  bucket in one hand and weeds in the other, I quickly finished pulling the last seed head and carefully side-stepped down the embankment.

Knowing the warmer temperatures would encourage creatures to awaken from their winter’s hibernation, I was pleasantly surprised to have my camera in my pocket!

Miss Maddie was not as pleasantly surprised . . .

nor was the snake!

Coming to its rescue, I “encouraged” Maddie to sit as we watched it carefully wind itself around the rocks and disappear.

Now all Maddie wants to do is play with the millipedes!  ENJOY . . .


2 thoughts on “Maddie and the Snake

    1. Like you, I have learned some of life’s lessons and now try to find peace and purpose in a new endeavor. The garden is my passion but it would mean nothing without my four-legged companions who have been by my side these many years! Not only do they fill a void, I believe they help us understand the nuances of life.

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