The Garden Down the Road

As I have lived in East Allen Township for the past 7 springs and  walked the neighborhood loop I never quite had the courage to push pass my introverted nature and talk to the gardeners who live down the road. But this past week with Maddie in tow, I stopped to talk to a gentleman farmer who was working on his tractor.  I shared how I had walked pass his home these many years and admired the fritillarias growing in the garden.

He told me this was his childhood home

and now his sister tends the gardens and he the farm animals.

He was very polite, took my number and promised to give it to his sister. The following evening she called and  I asked if she would be willing to share some of the fritillarias growing in her garden.

She told me the story of her and her mother and their garden pass-alongs.  Any time she or her mother would buy a new plant they would always but one for the other.  Then as the plants multiplied they would give them to friends and family.  She would be happy to share her Egyptian Lilies.

It would make her mother smile.   Another memory to add to my garden,  ENJOY . . .


3 thoughts on “The Garden Down the Road

  1. What a wonderful idea, sharing plants. I went to visit a woman I know recently who has the most wonderful garden and she is 86, still works it all herself. She took me around and we took cuttings from many plants, I have put them in pots and some straight into the garden and so far it looks like nearly everything, except for a few things are going to survive. Such a wonderful way to expand my garden and also makes me thing of the lady every time I am out in my garden.

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