The Neighborhood Garden – Part Three

Leaving Snyder’s Church Road and turning onto Meadow Maddie and I pass numerous old properties with their various farm structures.  I imagined a corn crib as an aviary . . .

or a silo as a time capsule.  What would one want to share with future generations about this moment in time?

I had hoped the sheep would be out and about.  We will need to wait for a future walk.  As we continue up the hill an old piece of farm machinery looks more like a sculpture than a rusting tractor.

I begin to look once more for those emerging spring blossoms.  I find I am not disappointed.  Growing on the hillside are Coltsfoot flowers looking like lemon drops among the brittle decaying leaves.

A mass of  scillas and grape hyacinths form a carpet of blue under leafless trees. They escaped from a garden that once was.

I picture the gardener, spade in hand, planting those first small bulbs. I wonder if she could have envisioned what she had co-created with the earth.

Will any of my handy work outlive me?

ENJOY . . .


2 thoughts on “The Neighborhood Garden – Part Three

  1. Love it. Brings back such wonderful memories of my youth – wandering about in my country playground. Thanks Bonnie. 🙂

  2. Hi Sis,
    Again great photos. Love the composition. You can photograph my attempts at gardening anytime.
    Bro Clyde

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