The Neighborhood Garden – Part Two

With a warm wind in my face I set out with the intention of taking photographs of spring flowers in bloom.

It was not difficult finding the most diminutive…

the most conspicuous . . .

or even the most unusual . . .

But I also found myself drawn to impressions of times past . . .

As I passed the Snyder Homestead I wondered whose hands carefully placed the hex sign upon the side of the barn

or whose body rested upon the now rusted bed springs.

I remembered a gentle-spirited old man who tended his flowers.  I was told he cared for his garden so his wife could view the flowers from her window.  Shortly after her death he also passed. I hope in death as in life their souls grace the gardens.

And now the flowers are unattended and the property for sale,                                                     time stops for no one.

As both Maddie and I were not yet acclimated to the heat, she found the need to take a dip in a spring fed stream.

Join me tomorrow for part three!  ENJOY. . .


2 thoughts on “The Neighborhood Garden – Part Two

  1. It was a long and icy winter. If you take a moment and look back into my archives you might by glad you are viewing the seasonal changes from a vantage point of perpetual summer. Waiting for the ice to break and Persephone to return was agonizing!

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