Heavenly Hellebores

The air last evening felt to be the warmest since Autumn.  With a glass of wine in hand I walked down to the lower gardens to see if the Helleborus had indeed burst upon the scene.

In the light of the waning day I was given a gift, one which I now share with you. I look forward to each day in the garden as a child looks forward to a Scavenger Hunt.  What will today bring?  I know another treasure, I’m just not sure which one!

Helleborus   The genus Helleborus covers a group of perennial plants from Europe and Asia… it is a small genus in the family Ranunculaceae, a wonderful collection of plants including many well-known garden plants.  Hellebores are perhaps closest in relation to Caltha and Trollius and the lesser known Magaleranthus. fromhttp://www.hellebores.org

But to most of us who buy them at the local garden center because we need the first blossoms of spring to bloom as early as possible, we know them as the Lenten Rose.

Coming upon the patch in my garden, you need to get down on your hands and knees, literally, if you hope to see the beauty in each blossom.

Their colors range from white, to green to pink and almost black and every combination in between.  Each year the plant “births” more herbaceous stems with multiple flowers.  What once was a single stem is now a bouquet of Lenten Roses!

Addendum!  My constant companion…



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