And I Thought Acorns Were Bad!

Every gardener anxiously awaits those first flowering jewels that thrust their way  through warming earth.

I had a small planting of Glory-Of-the-Snow that was rescued from a nearby farmhouse.

In past years these small blue stars braved freezing temperatures and brightened the earth beneath the lilac.  But this year they were almost none existent.

I wondered if last year’s drought had taken its toll on the bulbs.  This morning I happened to see a few blue petals poking through the ground.  I excitedly went over to look at the flowers.  A few bulbs were exposed.  I tried to push them down into the earth only to feel some resistance.

Was it a stone? No – it was a gourd!

The bounty of last year’s harvest has become the bane of this year’s spring garden.

I remembered being so excited to place baskets of gourds throughout  the gardens.

I thought they would be a wonderful food source for thoe deer and squirrels.I never thought the squirrels would be “hiding” the gourds as they do the acorns!  Now I am wondering how many plants will pop up in unexpected places.  I’ll keep you updated….



4 thoughts on “And I Thought Acorns Were Bad!

  1. I can’t believe you have squirrels! We have been out in farm country for 22 years and have yet to see one! That must have been a strong squirrel to carry and bury that!

  2. The beautiful pictures from a past season are a reminder of the passage of time. Time is a precious commodity not to be squandered .

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